LG Prime Prepaid GoPhone (AT&T)

Sleek and solid, fun and functional, the LG Prime helps you stay connected whenever and wherever you roam thanks to the included AT&T Social Net application, which allows you to view and manage all your social networking connections and updates from Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. It also features a bright touchscreen display, and 2-megapixel camera/camcorder for snapping pics and recording video on the go.

With AT&T's GoPhone pay-as-you-go service, you get all the benefits of wireless without the surprises--no long-term contracts, credit checks, or deposits. And this phone even comes with $50 of airtime included. You can easily refill your minutes via prepaid cards or the Internet, or choose to prepay each month and roll over unused minutes.

You can choose from a variety of plans that suit your individual needs--including monthly and daily plans with unlimited talk and text messaging as well as a simple per-minute plan. And with the unlimited plans, a Rollover Balance lets you carry over your unused account balance when you refill before your balance expires, up to the account maximum (learn more below).

Other features of the LG Prime include a multi-format digital audio player, an integrated FM radio, Bluetooth for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming, microSD memory expansion (to 16 GB), access to mobile e-mail and instant messaging services, and a rating of up to four hours of talk time.

Customer Reviews.

By Mike.

I've only had prepaid phones, since I am not able to go on my own contract yet. I've had Net10, Virgin Mobile, Verizon, and my family has U.S. Cellular. And I can tell you this: AT&T blows every single one of them out of the water. 4-5 bars everywhere within 30 miles(because that's the furthest I've gone with it yet), fast enough internet for my taste.

The LG Prime is a magnificent phone. It dies a way better job at being a camera and an iPod than, well, my camera and iPod. My camera is an 8.2 megapixel, this phone is 2. For being a 2mp camera, it looks very nice. And as far as iPod, I put 550 songs on my microSD card, and this thing loads faster and sounds better than my iPod. And the thing I really like is that I can just plug it into the AUX in my car, and the sound quality far surpasses that of an iPod. And I don't have to mess around with iTunes, nor do I have to convert the files. It plays them right off the microSD, in mp3 format.

I'm new to touch screens, but the touch screen on this thing is amazing. Every once in a while, I accidentally hit a wrong key when texting, but that's because I have a bit wider fingers than most. Not a big deal. Another thing I like is just the convenience of it. I'm used to flip phones, and the most I had before this was a Net10 texting phone, and this is so much better. The touch keypad is much, much better.

And I also like AT&T's plans way better as well. I don;t talk much on the phone almost strictly text, so if I really wanted to I could just do a $30 a month plan, with 20 each month to unlimited text and I'd have 100 minutes every month in case of emergencies or whatever. And if I want unlimited internet, then I'd just have to buy $50 a month. Still cheaper than really any contract.

It satisfied all of my needs and much more. I was just expecting it to be a touch screen cell phone, but I got a new camera and a way better iPod along with it.

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Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 16GB

Review By: Shoot Me "The Messenger".

This is the best mobile phone I have ever owned. I held off on buying the iPhone for the first three generations because it is locked to AT&T in the USA and you can only acquire apps through Apple's proprietary App Store. This sort of closed platform was a real put-off to me (and still is), but when it came time to buy a new mobile phone (my old one was dying) I knew there was only one choice. So I bit the bullet and got an iPhone 4.

It's damn near perfect. I can't speak for the small percentage of users having the infamous antenna problem because it has not affected me, and I strongly suspect the press is blowing that issue out of proportion to drive traffic to their websites or whatever. Don't pay too much attention to that though because even the best technology is still not perfect. The iPhone 4 is not perfect, but it IS the best technology in the mobile phone market today. Apple takes great care to ensure that its products will be intuitive and user-friendly. Compare the touch functionality of the Droid to that of the iPhone and you will know what I'm talking about. Apple also owns the patents on such unique technology, so don't expect the Droid to surpass the iPhone anytime soon.

With this 4th generation model we have seen more new features introduced than ever before. First of all, the Retina Display is a pleasure to use and once you use it you will come to view all lower resolution displays as sub-standard. The resolution bump in the outward-facing camera as well as the introduction of a user-facing camera is what really sold me on this product. The boost in battery life assures that you will no longer need to worry about your iPhone's battery dying half-way through the day - unless you do a LOT of gaming on it! It utilizes the A4 chip, same as the iPad, so it's plenty fast. It is thinner and lighter than previous models, the volume controls and vibrate switch have been made more durable, it has a built-in gyroscope, supports FaceTime video chat and on-the-go video editing via the iMovie app.

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BlackBerry 9800 Torch Phone

The first BlackBerry smartphone to feature the highly anticipated BlackBerry 6 OS, the BlackBerry Torch offers a unique design that features a hi-resolution touchscreen display, slide-down full QWERTY keyboard, and optical trackpad. Packed with business tools as well as socially connected apps, the Torch also provides a desktop-like browsing experience via its 3.2-inch touchscreen, which enables you to navigate quickly through full-page views, multitask with tabbed browsing, and see the details with Pinch to Zoom.

The intuitive new BlackBerry 6 OS includes a rich graphical interface and new touch menus for quick access to your next action or needed application. It includes a set of pre-loaded apps to get you started, including Bloomberg, ESPN, The Weather Channel, and Slacker Radio content in addition to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more. It also includes Universal Search, group messaging for collaboration, and AT&T's Web Video Search--a unique new app that searches video content from over 70 major Internet video Web sites.

Customer Reviews:

By Amber Hinds.
I was excited to receive this new phone a few months ago! The phone is easy to use and the updates were quick. I have issues with dropped calls but that could be ATT's service in the area. The phone has a great easy to read screen, lots of memory for aps and photos! Over all, if you can get this on sale you are good to go!

Downfall of buying a new phone is the protective covers that work are hard to find. I have purchased a few and returned all.

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Samsung Fascinate Android Phone

The super-smart Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Wireless brings a fully integrated entertainment, messaging, and social networking experience to your mobile phone, thanks to its open and innovative Android 2.1 platform. You'll be able to zip through the Web and multitask between a bevy of apps with the Fascinate's 1 GHz processor and ultra-fast 7.2 Mbps 3G connectivity.

In addition to high-speed connectivity on the fast and reliable Verizon Wireless 3G network, you can also share the built-in 3G Mobile Hotspot via Wi-Fi among five devices--laptop, another phone, MP3 player, and more (additional service charge).

The Samsung Fascinate is also compatible with the V Cast Music with Rhapsody service, which enables you to purchase songs through your phone and download them via the fast Verizon Wireless 3G EV-DO data network, and the V CAST Video on Demand service that enables you to watch full-length TV shows plus news, sports, weather, and live entertainment video clips. You'll also stay on course thanks to the VZ Navigator GPS turn-by-turn direction service. And with the optional Visual Voice Mail service, you'll be able to quickly and easily scroll through your messages and pick the ones you want to listen to.

Customer Reviews:

By: Zachary Toliver.
First, I'll start off by saying this is the greatest phone I have ever used. The combination of features and customization allow for a great mobile experience. Friends of mine that own an IPhone say they wish they had my phone because the 3G and 3GS are becoming obsolete and slow.

This phone is blazing fast, especially when rooted and using a lag fix. With this phone, I have had no annoying slowdowns or CPU farts in the three months I've had it. The UI is great and allows for a lot of customization. You can even download apps like LauncherPro which allow for even more customization of the home screens and UI.

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LG KP500 Cookie Unlocked Phone with 3.2 MP Camera

Designed to allow more people to experience a taste of touch technology at an attractive price, the LG KP500 Cookie is packed full of advanced features usually found exclusively in premium full touchscreen handsets. Its easily accessible multimedia features--available through widgets as well as shortcut icons--provide a fun and easy mobile experience with a single touch of its 3-inch screen. It comes with a stylus that tucks away in the back of the phone and features easy-to-use handwriting recognition.

You'll be able to capture still photos and video clips on the go thanks to the 3.2-megapixel camera, as well as enjoy advanced gaming thanks to the touchscreen and the Cookie's motion sensor technology. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming, MicroSD memory expansion, digital audio player, stereo FM with RDS capabilities, access to personal email with a document viewer, and over three hours of talk time.

Unlocked Phone.
This unlocked cell phone can be used with a GSM network service provider and it provides quad-band connectivity (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). It does not come with a SIM card, and it requires that you provide a SIM card for usage with your selected service provider.

Phone Features:
The Cookie's large 3-inch touchscreen (240 x 400 pixels, 256K colors) provides an optimized interface for all forms of multimedia content, and its rotating display automatically shifts from narrow to wide mode and vice versa according to the contents and your position. The large screen size and excellent color depth make it ideal for watching movies, taking pictures, browsing the Internet, and creating and editing drawings and documents. The Home screen menu from LG's Flash user interface (UI) provides quick access to your calendar, alarm clock and digital audio player. The optimized QWERTY keyboard, which automatically comes out when the screen is in wide display mode, enables fast and easy input for email and text-messaging.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

By Stephen:
The phone came in on time and everything is great. As for the manual, I got a German one so I had to figure out how to set up all the things in the phone by myself. I was skeptical as to how hard punching in the keys were, but the other reviews online are right. THE KEYS ARE A LITTLE HARD TO PUNCH at times, but when you get used to it, it's not that bad. Overall, I love this phone!

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Nokia X3 Slider GSM Quad-Band Unlocked

Cool and confident: A pristine and high-tech design that can be recognized fitting in with friends and trends, this slim music slider fits easily in the pocket. The symmetrical speaker design makes it clear to all that the stereo speakers deliver big sound. The subtly recessed screen and smooth sliding movement provide delicate refinements in a fresh design. The diamond cut metal music keys, beautiful brushed metal slide, metal camera details, and comfortable sized keypad for easy text input express the high quality construction. Available in a range of five bold, expressive colors. Loud and rich stereo speakers offer an incredible music playback and FM radio experience. With XpressRadio you can listen to radio with others like a normal radio—no headsets needed. Use the dedicated music keys, illuminated on the Navi ring, for easy access to music player and radio operations, and the 3.5mm AV connector for your own headset and external portable speakers.

Customer Reviews

This phone is amazing. I have had this phone for about a month and it is all that I hoped it would be. I go to the gym daily and it was cumbersome taking my mp3 player and my cell phone to work out. Now, with his Nokia, I just grab it and go. I have my phone and an MP3 player all in one. I love it.

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Nokia X6 Unlocked GSM Phone

A powerful entertainment and on-the-go social networking device, the Nokia X6 mobile phone features a lush 3.2-inch widescreen capacitive touch display, 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash, integrated GPS with free Ovi Maps Navigation, and 16 GB of internal memory. You'll have tons of space to save your pictures, music, video clips, and data, and you can always grab more games and applications downloaded from the Ovi Store.

The home screen features a dedicated Media Bar touch key for quick access to your stored music and video, online sharing sites, and Web browser. It also includes a customizable Contacts Bar where you can easily make calls and manage messages as well as follow up to 20 web feeds from online friends through their social networks, personal blogs, Twitter feeds, and more. You'll be able to quickly send text messages and email as well as update your own status thanks to the onscreen QWERTY keyboard, which automatically changes orientation depending on how the phone is rotated.

Running the latest version of the Symbian operating system, the Nokia X6 includes pre-loaded games (including Spore by EA and DJ Mix Tour by Gameloft). Other features include Wi-Fi networking, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming, a full HTML web browser, access to personal and corporate email (with ability to view attachments), stereo FM radio, and up to six hours of talk time on 3G networks (up to 11.5 hours on standard non-3G GSM networks).

Customer Reviews:
This is the best phone I have owned so far. very much satisfied with the perfomance of the phone. Touch screen works great so far..Hope it remains the same for a couple of years...camera is so so..but serves the purpose..GPS feature is really cool..websites open really fast on WIfi...youtube videos are clear..what more can u ask...iWould say worth the money spent..
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